The Village Initiative Transforming African-American Lives (VITAL)TM Plan.

The mission of Momma’s Village-Fayetteville is to restore life in the Black community that our ancestors once had in their original lands. A life where our Black fathers are respected, our Black mothers are honored, our Black children are protected.

The Village Initiative Transforming African-Americans LivesTM Plan is designed to help heal our community so that we can restore the life we desire for future generations. A life where we can turn to The Village for our health, wellness, education, and economic empowerment. A life where Black people can LIVE, THRIVE and GROW.

Life in The Village (Various Groups in The Village)

Birthing in The Village (Receive preconception, labor and birth support as we grow our village.)

Raising The Village (Join other families as we provide education, experience and wisdom in raising Black children with love, discipline and value.)

Healing The Village (Join us as we learn to normalize seeking mental health support and what it looks like to practice self-care in the Black community.)

Breastfeeding in The Village (Receive prenatal and postpartum support on infant feeding from birth to age 2.)

Feeding The Village (Let’s come together to learn how to garden and share recipes that honor our ancestors and traditions while supporting our health.)

Supporting The Village (This group is where we come together to foster friendships, support relationships and teach our children how beautiful it is to see our Black families interact with one another in relaxed settings.)