Momma’s Village-Fayetteville is a nonprofit organization with a mission to provide access to African-centered birth & breastfeeding support, postpartum care, parenting education and mental health resources for Black families in Fayetteville/Ft. Bragg and the surrounding Sandhills region. Our focus is to provide quality care, services and resources to reduce Black maternal & infant morbidity and mortality through our village of full-spectrum health professionals, peer supporters and elders from our community.

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Birth Support

Providing our families with access to a Black Doula Collective that offers African-centered care that incorporates traditions from our diverse culture.

Breastfeeding Support

Facilitating breastfeeding support and education from highly trained and experienced IBCLCS that offer infant feeding care in a culturally-sensitive way that honors our ancestors while creating healthy habits for our infants and children.

Postpartum Support

Creating a culture of African-centered support that is focused on parenting, infant feeding, mental health, family connections, health and nutrition to help empower our community.


Angela Tatum Malloy, MAT, IBCLC, CHW, Doula is the CEO/Founder of Momma’s Village Fayetteville, a 501c3 nonprofit community organization providing Doula care, lactation support, holistic maternal mental health support, culturally -focused birthing & parenting education, support & advocacy work for Black and brown families in and around Fayetteville, NC.